Exterior Painting

By hand brushing the paint onto the surface we’re able to achieve a better seal and a thicker coat which causes the paint to stick longer. Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of paint. All you need is a few areas where coverage or seal has been compromised and now you have peeling paint. Since its extremely difficult to achieve a proper seal with the spray method we’ve always hand brushed the paint onto the surface. We also prepare the surface thoroughly by hand scraping and sanding any loose paint off, priming the bare wood, and caulking all cracks. The combination of correct preparation and application results in a job lasting twice as long as other inferior methods.

All this doesn’t mean a thing if we Skimp on the products used. We only use premium grade products such as Kwal Howells, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore for our paint. There are many cheaper products on the market but we haven’t seen anything compare to 100% acrylic satin paint that stretches with your wood. Only the finest caulk is used to seal all cracks as to avoid premature cracking. We believe that the strength of our company is in the long lasting paint jobs we provide.